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Dr. Rajesh Singh

( Principal )


Pradeep Singh Raghuvanshi

( Manager / Administrator )



Gmail me at

Sandeep Singh

( Vice Manager )

Phone +91-9565794000

Rajkumar Singh

( Founder )

Phone +91-7703056000

Why should you choose NNSS College

Superfast Support

If you are looking for science education in Ambedkar Nagar, check out our website to find out about the servcices we provide. When you are ready to talk to us, call 9670150000 or make an enquiry. we'll be happy to help you.

Values Certification

NNSS College community can transform the life of individual, family and society's

Certification Courses

Certification options are available in various forms of education.In addition there is an applied behavioral analysis certificate program.